Unique Blogging Voice
I recently wrote about understanding blogging voice and how real estate bloggers can find theirs. During the process, an important question cropped up: why should you care about your blogging voice?  Is it really important to your real estate content marketing efforts? The Blogging Voice Challenge Take this challenge: read five of your competitor’s or service provider’s blogs. Include your brokerage’s blog. You don’t need to read the entire blogroll. Pick one or two articles
Future of Blogging
In the face of expanded video content, is blogging a dying medium?  I don’t think so. It may be a changing medium, but it’s not necessarily a dying one. The future of blogging for content marketers remains optimistic, even as we explore other content types. The Blog Types There are numerous blogging trends in the industry.  You have the microblogs: super short-form, less than 250 words with an abbreviated style. Running counter to these are
Understanding Your Blog Voice
I find one question often trips up new clients. In fact, most of the disconnect I see with first draft expectations boils down to an inaccurate understanding of voice. Whether writing it yourself or outsourcing to a team, you must have a clear understanding of your blog voice to create a cohesive brand. What is voice in writing? Voice is tricky. When we read, the words take on a personality. This “personality” is formed from
Time in blogging
Behind every word you’re reading is a thousand more you cannot see. That’s why many new blogs fail: as new writers get going they realize how time-consuming it is to run a blog. I call this “invisible time.” These minutes are the ones you, the creator, experience in crafting blog content, but the audience never considers. Dear reader, consider the work behind the code on this very page. Besides the words, work for just this
Revising a blog
Revising: the torturous process that improves writing. All blog content deserves at least one thorough second read, but benefits from multiple reads. But what exactly are you looking for? Search “revision tools,” the web results are lacking. I’m not talking about grammar and punctuation, but sentence phrasing, organization, the idea “meat.” Every writer’s unique style and quirks call for different revision tactics, but these nine tips for revising real estate blogs apply to most drafts.
How to Repurpose Your Real Estate Blog
Get creative with your expertise! You don’t need to just write blogs. Different content types appeal to different audiences. Repurposing blogs into new content forms creates new avenues of reaching potential customers. And who doesn’t like expansion? Next time you’re not looking forward to clicking away at the keys, try these alternative content types to reinvent your real estate blog. Video Produce engaging visual content with video, both pre-recorded or live. Added bonus: statistics show
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