Real Estate Blog Topic Ideas

It happens to us all. The big white screen, a blinking cursor, and zero real estate blog topic ideas. Don’t panic. Writer’s block happens to the most creative of minds. When you are stuck on what real estate blog topic to write next, turn to this list for inspiration.

Community Themed

Best Things to Do in “City” This Summer
Top Winter Activities in “City”
# Best Private Schools in “City”
Top 8 Restaurants in “City”
Best Walkable Communities in “City”
The Best of (Farmer’s Markets, Art Fairs, Beaches, Parks, Places to Work, etc) in “City”
Community Events
Family-Friendly Events This Spring
Best Active Living Communities for Retirees


Why You Should Move to “City”
6 Top Resources for Moving to “City”
5 Reasons Why “City” Is Great for Families
Top 8 Facts About “City”
What to Know Before Moving to “City”
What to Know About Property Taxes
Buying A Second Home
Moving with Pets in the Winter

Real Estate Market News

“City” real estate update
Trends in Real Estate for 2017
Local Market Versus National Market
Conference Round-Up
Celebrity Purchases/Sells
Latest Regulations Passed/Upcoming and What It Means to You
Mortgage Rate Updates

Real Estate Advice

Picking the Right Agent
Shopping for a Home Inspector
Understanding Your Real Estate Offer Contract
10 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal
Finding the Ideal Buying/Selling Experience
Preparing Your Home to Sell in # Easy Tips
How to Make Your Home Stand Out in “City”
Using Tech in Your Home Search
Why You Still Need a Realtor
What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know
The Ins and Outs of Buying Foreclosures
To Rent or To Buy?

List-Themed Posts

5 Best Properties for Families on the Market Right Now
8 Top Waterfront Condominiums in “City”
7 Most Expensive Homes in “City”
Most Expensive Homes Sold This Summer
# Top Home Builders in “City”
Top # Elementary Schools Near “Neighborhood”
Cheapest Properties on the Market Right Now
# Favorite Listings This Year
# Top Golfing Communities

Renovation Ideas

Incredible Pools in “Area”
Most Unique Homes in “Area”
Making Your Outdoor Living Space Shine
Renovating Your Kitchen
Local Interior Decor Trends for 2017
Top Design Features in “City”
Making Your Landscape More Green
Decorating for the Holidays

Top Real Estate Hashtags for Social Media

Hashtags are the bread and butter of Twitter. A clever hashtag brands content in one quick glance. Tweets–and you–become searchable. Twitter may have started the hashtag trend, but other social networks have adopted the tagging system. They are essential to Instagram and used in Facebook.

Never doubt the power of smart hashtagging in your content strategy. Brands and conferences rely on unique hashtags as part of their social media strategy. Make your accounts more discoverable by incorporating these real estate hashtags into your social content. Note: some hashtags can apply to more than one topic.

Agent-themed hashtags

These hashtags advertise your real estate agent services either for clients searching for an agent or firm, or if you offer a business-to-business service. Be creative in how you incorporate them into your post and be aware of copy limits.



















Sample Tweet:

Listing Hashtags

Use these hashtags to make a listing more discoverable on Twitter and Instagram. Add a photo to the Twitter posting for maximum impact.









#(target neighborhood), i.e. #Brooklyn, #VeniceBeach

#(city abbrev +)realestate, i.e. #NYCrealestate, #SRQrealestate

#downtown (or #downtown + city)










Describing a Property

Have special features worth highlighting? Hashtags can call attention to what makes that listing sing!





















Advertising Content

Have a great blog or piece of content you plan on distributing? These hashtags can help readers find it.













Building Community

Let others know what you’re doing as a professional. Adding special event hashtags helps spur networking opportunities with other agents, too.








Some to Think About

Social is about showing personality. Don’t be afraid to be a little creative, especially for a residential agent account. Share great meals out on the town, neighborhood highlights, or great moments at work.







Hashtags for a specific development like #ritzcarlton



Casey McKenna-Monroe is an avid rowing fan with a passion for content writing. She works with real estate agents to create blogs, ebooks, marketing materials, and more. Contact at

5 Content Marketing Trends for Real Estate 2017

As more companies leap onto the content marketing bandwagon, the strategies used are changing to stay ahead of the pack. Not all the predicted content marketing trends apply to real estate marketing. These five trends can–and should–be incorporated into your marketing plan.

1) A Real Content Marketing Strategy

Have one? Great. Don’t? Shame. Marketers who have one and review it on a regular basis are more likely to rise to the top of the content marketing game. This is not a skippable step. “I have a Facebook page” is not a content marketing strategy. What are you doing with that page? How are you leveraging your audience to drive leads?

2) Visual Storytelling

content marketing trends magnetThis is huge! Real estate is driven by high-quality photography and videos to promote listings. There’s a reason Virtual Reality and 3D Tours are taking off. Why? Consumers are devouring visual content, and especially video, like never before. Video drives more leads than photos alone. The will transform real estate video tours will be telling the listing’s “story.” A simple video tour won’t stand out from the crowd. Have a luxury property fit for entertaining? Weave the story of a cocktail evening through the video. Beachfront lifestyle? Tell the story of ocean living with the property as a backdrop.

3) Going Mobile

If your content isn’t optimized for mobile yet, it should be. Consumers rely more on mobile devices than desktop to scan and find information. Pay attention to your content design. Highlight key text through headers and lists and use stunning graphics to your advantage. Have seen Facebook’s new Canvas post option yet?

4) Copy Matters

Stop it with the “cream puff” cottage! Well-written content still matters from listing descriptions to blogging. There are ways to become a better digital writer, from understanding the blog format to remembering editing matters. Or consider hiring a freelancer that specializes in content writing.

5) Email and Marketing Automation

Technology is catching up with the real estate industry problems that drain time and money. More companies and apps now provide email and marketing automation solutions that integrate into CRMs. That’s good news because email remains a critical part of any marketing program, according to Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute.

This content marketing trends aren’t that complicated to add into your strategy. Chances are, you’re naturally moving towards more visual materials and using email automation. The difference here is in make conscious steps to stay ahead of the real estate marketing curve.

Casey McKenna-Monroe is an avid rowing fan with a passion for content writing. She works with real estate agents to create blogs, ebooks, marketing materials, and more. Contact at