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4 Real Estate Content Marketing Trends for 2017

Don’t freeze like a mannequin on past trends. New features are changing the way customers interact with your brand. It’s time to look to the future. Anticipate how you can incorporate these real estate content marketing trends into your 2017 strategy.

Go Live

If you’re not ready for your close-up, 2017 is the year to make it happen. In the last half of 2016, social media platforms unveiled live streaming one after another. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, now all offer real time broadcasting video to their users. Facebook is staking its future on the power of video marketing.

Start incorporating live streaming into your real estate content marketing experience now. Schedule virtual open houses, host a live tour during an open house, highlight special events, interview clients or other industry influencers, and anything else you can think of that is relevant to your marketing efforts.

Virtual Reality

Yes, virtual reality is not the newest trend in the real estate industry. More residential and commercial listings use VR to appeal to high-end clients, meaning its use is not widespread yet. Expect virtual reality to become more affordable and start to filter down from the luxury market. By finding ways to offer virtual reality experiences for the average home buyer, your marketing could set itself apart from your competition.

More Social Media Marketing

Millennials will increasingly drive the real estate residential market. To reach them, real estate agents need to improve their social media game. Get creative in your efforts to market properties perfect for a first-time home buyer. Millennials rely heavily on online reviews, so ask your clients with positive experiences to leave feedback on your social networks. That includes Facebook and Google Plus.

Email Marketing Matters

Email did not die a slow lingering death. Users strategically using email marketing see higher return on investment and click-through rates they don’t social media advertising. Make sure your CRM is working effectively for you and start automating your email marketing program.

Jumping on the latest in real estate content marketing is a smart strategy to stay ahead of learning curve. Small steps now can generate big leads later down the road.

Casey McKenna-Monroe is an avid rowing fan with a passion for content writing. She works with real estate agents to create blogs, ebooks, marketing materials, and more. Contact at

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