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4 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Working in real estate is not easy. The hours are strange, the interruptions to life frequent, and the stress real. The average home buyer and seller do not understand the background effort that goes into preparing, marketing, and closing a sale. Plus there are the other stresses of the job: staying on top of trends, taking part in continuing education, the brokerage meetings, handling marketing materials, sourcing leads, and much more. There’s a lot on a real estate agents plate.

Depending on your business, hiring a full-time or part-time assistant may not be possible. Maybe your agency shares an in-house assistant or has a marketing team, but they’re used by multiple people and are swamped. A virtual real estate assistant could be the answer. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant could help because:

1. Virtual Assistants Are Affordable

If you’re willing to work with the real estate virtual assistant that telecommutes or works online, you can get expert help at an affordable and adjustable rate. There’s no need to worry about health insurance or perks, just paid an hourly rate or flat fee for the services they provide. Keep in mind, you do get what you pay for, whether it’s $10 or $30.

2. Virtual assistants tackle the busy work

Virtual Assistant at workManaging social media is a full-time job, especially if you want it done right. You have to source material, create material, track trends, schedule postings, and respond to clients. That’s eating into valuable time and you can’t do it driving in the car or during contract negotiations. A virtual assistant can curate the content and schedule it for you. They can even generate targeted at campaigns on different properties based on your specifications. Writing a real estate blog is something that takes at minimum an hour. Outsourcing your blog is a great way of generating content without eating into your day.

3. Virtual assistants are flexible

Working real estate ebbs and flows. Rather than hire a full-time person and dream up busy work during the slow season, you can adjust a virtual assistant’s work schedule to reflect your actual needs. Just make sure to discuss it with them ahead of time. Let them know when the busiest speak time of year is and when they can expect less.

4. Virtual assistants make you more productive

Feeling bogged down? Virtual real estate assistants can free your time to focus on the tasks that are most critical in your industry. Virtual assistants can screen your email, confirm your appointments, book travel arrangements, conduct research, take care of some accounting, or manage any other projects you don’t want to handle. Anything that does not require their physical presence or a real estate license can be done to make your actual job easier.

Real estate virtual assistants exist to make an agent’s life easier to manage. What you need them for varies from person to person, but they are an invaluable tool to boost your productivity without breaking your budget.

Casey McKenna-Monroe is an avid rowing fan with a passion for content writing. She works with real estate agents to create blogs, ebooks, marketing materials, and more. Contact at

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