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7 Twitter Marketing Tips for Beginners

Don’t be afraid of the bird. Turn your Twitter account into a lead-generating brand-building machine with these easy tips.

Use the Right Hashtags

Depending on the content of your tweet, deploy hashtags to make it more searchable. This can range from a special hashtag generated for a conference you’re attending or something more generic like #CREtech for a subject area. Twitter pros can incorporate the hashtags into the tweet rather than tagging on as a list at the end.

Go VisualTwitter Tip

Twitter now has the option to attach photos and Twitter cards. Use it! Some studies show tweets with images received 150% more retweets than those without.

Hi, People!

Want to gain followers to attract an influencer’s attention? Use their handle! “I love the latest blog from @power10social” will get the user’s attention and likely earn a retweet, meaning you reappear in the Twitter feed and gain some influencer love. “Thank you” tweets work great, too. “Thank you @power10social for the amazing Open House today! Love this listing!” Bonus: add a listing photo.

Make Your Profile Complete

Smile for the camera! Your profile should be complete and professional from header to biographical info. It becomes more searchable and shows potential clients how to get in touch with you.

Promote Your Community

Real estate isn’t just about promoting housing. Showcase your community as you live it! Tweet photos of stunning views, festivals, favorite foodie haunts, and add all the right hashtags to show them some love.

Start Conversation

Twitter is a great tool for networking. Find clients or influencers and start the conversation. “Hey, @firstname, I love Gio’s Pizza, too! Did you see this? (Link to related article)”

Give Love to Get Love

The best way to expand your network and reach is by sharing other people’s content. That does not mean to avoid sharing your latest blog, listing, or product launch. Of course! Promote! But if you want others to promote your content, you must promote theirs by liking and retweeting.

Apply these Twitter user tips today and watch your content marketing start to grow!

Casey McKenna-Monroe is an avid rowing fan with a passion for content writing. She works with real estate agents to create blogs, ebooks, marketing materials, and more. Contact at

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