About Casey McKenna-Monroe

Casey McKenna-Monroe

Casey McKenna-Monroe loves crafting blogs, exploring social media mediums, and just writing in general! In college, she trained as a journalist, serving as the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of her college weekly and interned with the daily Citrus County Chronicle. After graduation, she spent seven years teaching writing as a middle school English teacher. She modified her classroom’s curriculum with as much “extra” stuff as she could: powerpoints, music, multi-media projects, web posters, website groups, video creation, and more. Now she’s found the perfect medium to play: web content seamlessly blends images and words to share an overall message. Casey started writing web content for various clients in 2013.

Why real estate? She’s worked with many real estate agents who are just like her: busy, passionate people. One of her first freelance clients was blogging for friend who just happened to be a real estate agent. The project was diverse, unique, and interesting! Over time, Casey began seeing a need she thought she could fill for real estate professionals, leading to the founding of Power 10 Social. Over the years she’s met and worked with many real estate agents who are just like her: busy, passionate people.

Casey is an avid rower bitten by the obsession bug, like many lifetime rowers. After training and competing at the US Rowing Masters National Championships in 2013, she coached middle school rowing for over a year. The sport of rowing instills values appreciated by her clients: dependability, hard work, and team work.



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