The truth is real estate blogging and social media management is hard. As a service provider, I know why real estate professionals outsource content marketing to qualified copywriters like me. As a full-time human, life has demands: my toddler, my husband, the laundry mountain, dinner, the toddler (again), the bill collectors, my clients. Each day I prioritize tasks and choices. Sometimes you’ll see I don’t publish content as regularly as I’d like. Most often, it’s because
Blogging statistics for real estate
Debating the blog? Whether you’re considering starting one or ready to throw in the towel, you need to understand why your real estate marketing team talks up blogging as a content marketing strategy. These statistics tell the story behind blogging’s allure for real estate agents or real estate service providers. “Businesses who blogged 16 to 20 times per month got over 2 times more traffic than those who blogged less than 4 times per month.”
What’s cooking this week? Plenty of news, but pressed for time, we picked three stories. Here’s our in case you missed it in real estate this week: Mobile-home values might rise as fast as regular homes — here’s why that matters. Mobile homes might be a better investment than you think. If you look carefully at the market, their home values are increasing. This could have implications for affordable housing. Read on Marketwatch. 2. Three
Instagram makes sense for a visual-driven industry like real estate. According to Sprout Social, around 71 percent of US businesses are using Instagram. Its astonishing growth rate means it has surpassed Twitter for marketing purposes, and leaves late adopters wondering what to do. Recently, a real estate agent asked if they should make a business Instagram or keep their personal Instagram. The answer boils down your intentions for the platform. Benefits of Personal Instagram for
New to Power10Social, our “In Case You Missed It Series,” will recap the most important real estate content published on the Internet this week. Published Saturdays, our hope is these stories will keep you informed and inspire you content for the upcoming week. Without further ado, here’s our first picks: 1) VR and AR Ready to Go Mainstream? You’d have to be hiding under a skyscraper to not be aware of advances to virtual reality.
Social Brand
Want to present a professional image to the world? Define your social brand. Creating your branding guidelines is part of designing a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Without a clear social brand, you present a mismatched face to the world. What is a social brand? Social brand means your present a unified approach to social marketing in terms of images and written voice. Every Instagram post and Twitter announcement sounds like your brand. What will a

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