More adults use and check Facebook daily than any other platform. The action takes place in the news feed, where the latest posts are available for users to scroll through. New updates to the Facebook user experience means your news won’t appear if someone hasn’t liked your business page. Keeping that in mind, how can you reach more customers using strategic Facebook marketing? Market your Facebook Page If growing your Facebook page following is important
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A real estate blog used correctly will drive lead generation and boost search engine ranking. If your blog isn’t doing that, something is off. One possible explanation is not using the right keywords. The algorithms search engines use when indexing and ranking a website are always adjusting, but the emphasis on keywords remains consistent. Using the strategy chosen keywords for your real estate venture is essential to boost your page’s chances of a ranking high. How do you
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Not all social media platforms are created equally. I recently had a client ask me to create a Pinterest account because at a seminar they heard it was popular with mothers. That may be true, but Pinterest is also primarily a shopping platform. That didn’t fit a teenage sports team. Starting a social media account “just because” or since someone said “this is popular” is a waste of your time and energy. The platforms you
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It turns out the 5W’s and the H method from elementary school still is important for real estate content marketing. Who is it marketed to? What are you going to post, when will it go out, where will it appear? How will your audience engage with the content, why should they care? Now work on addressing those questions when you’re busy generating leads, securing listings, and closing sales. Scheduling time to post every single day
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Over 90% of today’s homebuyers search online at some point in the process, and almost half start online. After scouting the market on aggregate sites, the next steps take buyers is searching for a realtor. How are they going to find you? Hint: “City” + “real estate agent.” Does your name pop up first? How about on the first page of search results? The best way to optimize your search ranking is with a real
Life is busy. Marketing is important. Social media is important. Blogging is important. Sure, you can export your virtual assistant services overseas to some super-cheap agency. But if there’s something missing, you need a Power 10. Power 10 is from rowing. Ask any rower, and they’ll know exactly what it means. Power 5, 10, 15, 20: regardless of the number, it’s a moment in a workout or a race where the entire team gives 110% effort.

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