Facebook Real Estate Marketing

Four Tips for Facebook Real Estate Marketing

Facebook continues its social marketing dominances with billions of views every day. More adults use and check Facebook daily than any other platform. Whether you choose market real estate on Facebook through a personal or business page, generating new leads is always the goal. New updates to the Facebook user experience means your news won’t appear if someone hasn’t liked your page. How can you reach more customers using Facebook?

Market your Facebook Real Estate Page

If growing your Facebook page following is important to you, then it should be part of your marketing materials. Include your address on your business cards (now in a convenient @yourpage format) and flyers. Ask customers to like your page in e-blasts. Tell sellers you’re marketing their listing on Facebook–ask them to like the page and share with their network. Link to Facebook on your website and blog. Every post should have a social sharing icon.

Boost Your Posts

Have real estate content you’re especially eager to expose to a new audience? Facebook’s paid boosted post option is a great way to get your content in front of a wider range of potential customers. Use the settings to target your audience. This maximizes the result for pennies on the dollar. One of my clients generated four property leads for a one-week $15 boosted post thanks to specific targeted settings.

Use Audience Insights

Facebook offers a variety of metrics through their insights tab. Audience insights provides users with data on who’s engaged and what type of content they are engaging with. Feed the monster and give your people what they want. Pay attention to the days and times you receive the most traffic and schedule your posts accordingly.

We Like What We See

Every Facebook post should have a striking visual. That means an engaging photo, not just a generic logo found on a “free marketing images” web search. People respond best to photos of other people, to lifestyle imagery, and unstaged photography. Facebook’s slideshow and image gallery options are excellent for highlighting a listing an in engaging way. Videos usually receive higher responses than images, as long as they are high quality. Maximize your marketing efforts and share those videos and photos on Facebook!

Using Facebook for real estate marketing is a smart practice for any real estate professional. To gain the highest chance of generating new customers, be prepared to roll up the sleeves and work a little to reach your target audience.

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