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Six Real Estate Bloggers Exemplifying Blog Voice

To finish out my series on blog voice, I’ve picked some real estate professionals who exemplify writing with personality. Forget the plain-jane business-casual tone many bloggers adopt in the real estate industry. There’s nothing wrong with a conversational feel, but if you want to be distinct and memorable, zeroing in on that blog voice is key. See how these  real estate bloggers attracted a dedicated audience thanks to a strong voice.

Duke Long

This commercial real estate broker is infamous in the industry for his frank blog. Duke Long’s blog is blatantly honest, or, as some might say, “lacking a filter.” The tactic is polarizing, but in a humdrum world of commercial real estate blogging, Long’s powerful statements have cemented his reputation as a CRE tech leader.

Jeremy Neuer

Real estate agent Jeremy Neuer tagged his blog Neuerspace as “Commercial Real Estate with Personality.” He and I clearly are on the same wavelength about the copycat boring real estate blogs. Neuer infuses his blog with anecdotes and sports references that help connect with his audience and put a new spin on the industry.

Jonathan Schultz

Jonathan Schultz is another CRE Tech guru, as you will see when visiting his blog. What I like is his slant: there’s tech, but many topics discuss work life and human motivations. The bold statements right in the titles grab your attention, like “Are YOU Holding YOU Back?”

Coppola Cheney

Here’s a different example: a corporation with some pizzazz instead of an individual. What I like about real estate consulting firm Coppola Cheney’s blog is it sounds like you’re sitting over coffee discussing the market. The voice is knowledgeable, but casual. Occasionally they connect what’s happening in the industry to their lives, a strategy that makes their brand approachable.

Mark Ferguson

Mark is another blogger that exemplifies how going personal works. He brings you into his world of real estate investing, rehabilitation, and running a brokerage. Readers appreciate honesty and he does it very well on Invest Four More.

Coach Carson

Another real estate investor speaking from personal experience, Coach Carson creates his voice through metaphors and anecdotes. His guest interviews are excellent as he asks insightful questions of intelligence people. Not everyone has that talent. Read Coach Carson’s blog here.

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