Why You Need a Social Brand

Want to present a professional image to the world? Define your social brand. Creating your branding guidelines is part of designing a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Without a clear social brand, you present a mismatched face to the world.

What is a social brand?

Social brand means your present a unified approach to social marketing in terms of images and written voice. Every Instagram post and Twitter announcement sounds like your brand.

What will a social brand do for you?

  1. Provide a focused approach to social media. Simply put, guidelines inform what’s okay for the brand. I find in many ways, this simplifies the scope of the work by eliminating visual or textual clutter. For writing, it lays the foundation for what the style will be. Casual blogs versus thought leader have small differences in tone and posting styles.
  2. Recognizable marketing across platforms. Few users stick to one social media platform. While they may prioritize one or two, occasionally they’ll check in something else. When they do, your content should clearly represent your brand. There’s no question this image or white paper is from you.
  3. Sync into a greater marketing program. As previously mentioned, the social branding is part of the larger marketing program. It provides total cohesion with print and digital marketing, your website, and any other materials.

Things to consider


  1. Your profile images


These images need to sync across social platforms, but each network has different sizing requirements. For instance, Facebook’s image is a itty-bitty 170 px x 170 px while YouTube can size up to 800 px x 800 px. GoDaddy has this handy profile sizing cheat sheet updated in 2018.

Find a unified way to use your logo and brand colors in the profile and header imagery. Real estate agents with a photo of their city or a home might want to experiment with filters that can make those images more customizable and still be within brand guidelines.

  1. Your profile text

Once again, each social media platform varies with the number of characters allowed in their profile. Craft a short tagline and a longer bio. Align these biographies with the overarching marketing strategy. If you’re claiming to be the snarky, honest real estate pro, show it off in these bios!

  1. Your voice

Every social platform should ooze your voice. It’s essential for posts, responses, and blog content to all read like you wrote it. Make this section of your social branding guideline specific. Include do’s and don’ts with clear examples. Like:

DO: Use punctuation to show excitement

DON’T: Wrt lke a tngr txtng hr boo!!!!!!!

Don’t skip this essential step in drafting your overall content marketing strategy. A Pardot study found 80 percent of consumer are more likely to evaluate solutions from the brands they follow on social media. A clear social brand helps customers identify you no matter where they contact you. It’s much more than just logos, but tone and style.

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