Future of Blogging

What’s the Future of Blogging?

In the face of expanded video content, is blogging a dying medium?  I don’t think so. It may be a changing medium, but it’s not necessarily a dying one. The future of blogging for content marketers remains optimistic, even as we explore other content types.

The Blog Types

There are numerous blogging trends in the industry.  You have the microblogs: super short-form, less than 250 words with an abbreviated style. Running counter to these are long-form blogs, which are broken into indexable sections, dive deep into content, and rank high on LinkedIn. In the middle is the traditional blog of approximately 500 to 750 words detailing a specific subject, paired with images, broken into small sections, and carrying a voice unique to every author.

The Relationship Between Other Content and Blogs

But what about all the other content forms dominating the marketing industry? Podcasting, video content, video blogs, infographics…. I see these other content types as complimentary.  Each can be paired with another content type and gain the benefits that go along with it.

How can these different content types compliment blogging?

  • A 2-minute video on a subject can tease to a blog that tackles the topic more in-depth.  That blog can link to an infographic that dives deeper into relevant related data.
  • A blog can be a transcription of a podcast, with each linking to each other. The transcription adds indexable content for search engines. Your audience will have the choice to read or listen, based on their personal preferences.
  • A microblog pulls content from and refer to a free, downloadable white paper.
  • A long-form blog can promote the content found in a webinar series.
  • An infographic perfect for social media promotion can tie back into a blog.  

There’s no right or wrong answer. Writing is a malleable art form that can change to meet our needs.

Do Blogs Work?

What does research say? Data shows more value comes from long-form blogs that cut through all the content clutter. These blogs delve deep into a topic. They tend to be published less often, but end up chock-full of keywords that search engines love and precision readers appreciate. Neil Patel discusses in detail the value of long-form content as evergreen material and what you can do to produce it.

Even if blogging isn’t for you, the ability to understand its value and how it can help your other content marketing efforts will help you strategically plan your content marketing program. For instance, if you intend for your blog to host only videos, pairing those videos with transcripts or with short summaries will help sell the video. Search engines will index that text to help consumers organically discover your content.

As long as people have ideas to share, the future of blogging remains bright. Millions of posts continued to be published every day, including this one.

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