Pinterest for Real Estate

Tips on Using Pinterest for Real Estate

Pinterest is an easy way to send traffic to your website. Designing thoughtful boards and pinning useful information help users continuously discover your content, making it “evergreen.” There are some things real estate agents need to do to maximize their Pinterest potential.

1) Visuals are King

People visit Pinterest to look at the pretty pictures. Every pin you design should have an attractive image or graphic. Text overlays are helpful, but be particular about what you write and how it looks. No bland charts, no generic stock photography, no text-heavy graphics. Think about that when blogging, too.

2) Know Why People Visit

Pinterest LogoWhat are people looking for when they visit Pinterest? Basically, this can be summed up in a few ways: people are searching for inspiration, to bookmark ideas, and to connect with others. Apply those categories to real estate. People hunting Pinterest could be looking at renovation ideas or interior decor for their home. Perhaps they’re hunting for local restaurants serving farm-to-table food. Maybe there is a certain business they are looking for in an area. Build boards with pins around what will attract an audience.

3) Maximize your Profile

Profiles should be laden with key phrases about your business and most importantly for real estate–your market and location! Adding where you operate helps pull you up in search results for your area. Visit the “Edit Profile” button to add options.

4) Like, Repin, and Comment

Get others’ attention by using Pinterest’s social functions. Comment on pins of customers, local businesses, partners, and local handouts. Type their Pinterest handle in the comment or repin. Do it regularly enough, and you’ll gain a lead’s attention.

5) Make Your Blog Pinterest-friendly

Make it easy for readers to pin your posts by adding a “Pin It” button to your website. You can also add a “follow” button. There’s a whole Pinterest guide on buttons and widgets that users can add to their website for better linking to Pinterest boards.  If your website host has a plugin to optimize for Pinterest, use it. Pinterest prefers vertical images at least 600px wide.


Casey McKenna-Monroe is an avid rowing fan with a passion for content writing. She works with real estate agents to create blogs, ebooks, marketing materials, and more. Contact at

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