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Life is busy. Marketing is important. Social media is important. Blogging is important.

Real estate social mediaSure, you can export your virtual assistant services overseas to some super-cheap agency. But if there’s something missing, you need a Power 10.

Power 10 is from rowing. Ask any rower, and they’ll know exactly what it means. Power 5, 10, 15, 20: regardless of the number, it’s a moment in a workout or a race where the entire team gives 110% effort. That’s above the 100% already being left on the water. In a race situation, its intention is to give the boat an extra jump in speed forward towards the finish line. It can be the difference between first and second.

I started Power 10 Social with the intent of being that little something extra to help push the team forward. Writing is an art form, but it takes time. Luckily I have that time and the love of crafting words.

Blogging, too, is a particular style of writing. Quality, original content is important, as are the keywords you select and where you place them. The title you choose is critical for SEO. Blogging takes time. And not everyone can find the time to research topics, draft a blog using best practices, revise and upload. But I can.

But Power 10 Social isn’t just blogging. A comprehensive social media strategy using today’s changing tools is equally important. Each market and target audience requires different tools. A blog should be married with Facebook posts, Twitter promotions, and much more. You need to go to your audience. That’s where the true power lies.

Explore. And when you’re ready, take advantage of my experience in real estate blogging and virtual assistance for agents and rowing clubs.

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