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Why Should You Care About Blogging Voice?

I recently wrote about understanding blogging voice and how real estate bloggers can find theirs. During the process, an important question cropped up: why should you care about your blogging voice?  Is it really important to your real estate content marketing efforts?

The Blogging Voice Challenge

Take this challenge: read five of your competitor’s or service provider’s blogs. Include your brokerage’s blog. You don’t need to read the entire blogroll. Pick one or two articles that seem interesting. When you’re done, wait a day and see if you remember any of them. I’d bet most likely not, but if you do, it’s probably because that blog had something special to leave a lasting impression. The special sauce? Chances are, it’s the voice!

Why You Need to Find Your Blogging Voice

Everyone has read something that has induced a page coma: when your eyes scan the page but nothing sticks. Maybe you’ve read something just to fall asleep. Conversely, you have probably read something gripping from start to finish, whose suspense caught you still turning the pages into the wee hours of the night. Another article literally made you laugh out loud. Why can’t those qualities follow through in a blog?

Maybe you’re not a jokester. That’s okay. Some people can paint such a clear picture with words about any subject that it sucks in its audience. Perhaps that is your style. Others adeptly connect complex topics to real life scenarios. This, too, is a valuable skill and way to generate a unique voice.  Some people write with a no-nonsense style, and there are readers that appreciate cutting to the chase.

Many big brands have the same voice. They are trying to be business casual: conversational, politely informal, and quick to read. That’s not to say their content isn’t valuable or worth reading. I simply mean after a while, they all sound the same. You, as an individual, can be distinct and rise above the corporations, by finding a unique blogging voice and writing with a distinct personality.

Stay tuned for our next blog, which will have examples of real estate professionals with strong blog voices.


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