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Why You Need a Real Estate Blog

Over 90% of today’s homebuyers search online at some point in the process, and almost half start online. After scouting the market on aggregate sites, the next steps take buyers is searching for a realtor. How are they going to find you? Hint: “City” + “real estate agent.” Does your name pop up first? How about on the first page of search results?

The best way to optimize your search ranking is with a real estate blog. Websites with a blog drive more traffic than those without. Here’s why:

Search Engine Optimization

Real estate blogging manSearch engines are indexing your site assessing how often it is updated, what keywords appear most frequently, and how many pages the site has. Blogging delivers on all fronts: the tool builds quality content, uses keywords organically, and increases the number of pages.

Showcase Your Expertise

An online profile reads like a resume. Sure, it’s great to list personal accomplishments in the field, but it’s fair for buyers and sellers to be skeptical of what those special awards mean. Top-seller in 2015? Top Agent for your Agency? What does that really mean?
A blog allows real estate agents to express their depth of knowledge. Impress potential homebuyers with your understanding of local neighborhoods. Woo home sellers with your expertise in marketing tactics. A regularly updated blog is your second-best marketing tool, right after word-of-mouth referrals.

Increase Traffic Organically

Grow your web traffic using a blog. For this to work effectively, real estate agents must use a short-term and long-term strategy to maximize the effectiveness of a web blog. Short-term includes sharing the latest post with subscribers and across social media platforms. Long-term means writing quality content with attractive titles that search engines will index. Given enough time, a blog about the “Top 7 Pocket Neighborhoods” could be a top producer of organic traffic to your website.

Real estate blogging requires time and commitment, but over the long haul, the benefits are worth it. Stay persistent with your blogging.

Power 10 Social was started by real estate blogger Casey McKenna-Monroe to help busy professionals with their online marketing content. She writes for residential and commercial real estate ventures.


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